Thursday, May 22, 2008

Metropol a nice place to go!

Good food too!

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Kim said...

Martha, What a cool logo they have!
I wanted to drop in and say welcome to the CDPB family. I grew up in SoCal y yo hablo Espanol un poquito (you must imagine the tildes and accents, as this keyboard isn't set up for that).
I spent a lot of time in LA as a kid, and I'm wondering what area in LA is this "Arts District" you are showing us? Do you work in the arts? I will drop by frequently to enjoy your shots.

I notice the CDPB portal button is not yet on your site. If you are having trouble installing it, let Demetrius or Igor know. You will have lots of visitors to your site when you are fully linked with the rest of us. Best to you on your daily adventures!
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