Sunday, June 15, 2008

Los Angeles car capital of the world news headline "They leave their car for the Metro" I drive 95 miles per day I wish I could take the Metro.

I was in San Fernando about 1:00 AM this morning looking for gas, This the lowest price I could find, As I am putting gas I look in front of me and there was this homeless man sleeping in the gas station parking lot. You don't usually see to many homeless people in San Fernando it is a very Spanish community and they help each other. Things are getting hard in L.A we might all be homeless by the time things start to get better!


Petrea said...

It's getting harder for everybody, Martha, but it's the hardest for the poor. I'm surprised to see this price for gas in San Fernando. I thought it would be lower there. Same price in Pasadena!

Tash said...

Martha, hope you can come back & post some more. You have some great photos there.